North Edinburgh Community Organics

sustainable horticulture

What we do

A complete ‘Grow Your Own’ service from a formative social enterprise based in North Edinburgh.
We specialise in designing, landscaping and planting sustainable eco-friendly gardens.
Kitchen gardens with seasonal vegetables and fruits, orchards and forest gardens; herb gardens and wildlife habitats!
Our mission is to help individuals and groups to grow their own food and enhance the environment,  as part of a flexible and resilient ‘local food network’. Our outreach gardener can help by providing support with practical gardening workshops and facilitated design sessions to create bespoke gardens full of life and produce throughout the season.
 All different shapes and sizes of ‘garden’ can produce fresh fruit and vegetables. Our plans range in size from the littlest balcony to individuals with private gardens or shared backgreens, community gardens. A large scale urban farm in North Edinburgh could provide many opportunities for local people to access fresh produce on their doorstep.
Get in touch at if you have ideas for your garden, need design advice or want to ‘grow your own’.
Just ask if you would like to hear more about opportunities to participate in community supported agriculture or urban food growing in North Edinburgh?

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  1. awesome pics Kirsty, I love them all

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